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Westhill Forget Me Not: 128cms Bay  Sire: Lechlade Quince  Dam: Solway Camelia.  In Foal to – Stanley Grange Cocksure – Due 12 May 2018

Colbeach Duet:  138cms (Part Bred Pony of the Year 2014) Sire: Cusop Dimension  Dam: Colbeach Serenade. In Foal to –  Turberry Top Cat – Due 8 June 2018

Wescoe Regal Charm: 138cms Bay  Sire: Willowcroft Regal Emblem (Aus)  Dam: Syon Sugar Cat.  – In Foal to Cusop Jigsaw – Due 5 April 2018

Dance All Night:  148cm (Show Pony of the Year 2012 ) Sire: Kilvington Scoundrel  Dam: Whalton Rumba.  In Foal to Llanarth Top Cat – Due 12 March 2018

Shimmering Silk: 148cms Brown  Sire: Yealand Nemesis – Not in Foal 2018

Tartan Silk:  Brown  Sire:   Dam:   – In Foal to Llanarth Aristocat – In Foal to Anton Scandal -Due 3 May 2018


Stanley Grange Matinee: 153cms Liv Chestnut  Sire: Yealand Night Owl  Dam: Stanley Grange Marionette – In Foal to Up With The Lark – Due 13 June 2018

Colbeach Shadowplay: 153cms Bay Sire: Colbeach Nightlight  Dam: Shadowlands. In Foal to Turberry Top Cat – Due 8 June 2018

Solemn Vow (TB): 165cms  Bay Sire: Zaffaran (USA)  Dam:  Quick Quick Sloe (GB) Not in Foal 2018

Summerday: 158cms  Bay  Sire: Kapgarde  Dam: Hollidays.  Not in Foal 2018

Kelly’s Blue For You: 154cms Black Sire: Ottergayle  Dam: Blue Mink.  Not in Foal 2018

Highwell Fiddeldidi: 158cms Bay Sire: EH Vatout  Dam: Fiashra – In Foal to Up With The Lark – Due 10 May 2018

Baydale Venus: (Hack of the Year 2009)  158cms Bay.  Buskhill Gunnar  Dam: Baydale Jura. Not in Foal 2018