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Stanley Grange Cocksure

Bay 122cms 2004
Reg No: RPC 7224 Vol 74 Lic No: NPS 728

Pedigree for Stanley Grange Cocksure

Stanley Grange Cocktail

Vean Cockalorum

Gauden Gamecock

Sinton Brownie

Seaholm Bianca


Seaholm Belle

Stanley Grange Galestorm

Vean Stormcock

Gauden Gamecock

Lady Sarah

Groundhills Golden Girl

Cusop Finalist

Groundhills Vanity


Poppy Carter & Megland Jaunty
1st RIHS & 2nd HOYS
Mrs J De-Pree’s Charn Secret Fairytale



Vanessa Stephenson’s Mathemadam Royal Ensign – 133 SHP
Malibu Park Gamekeeper.  Owned & Bred by Kerry & Paul Dunstan, Malibu Park Stud, Victoria, Australia (1st foal by AI)

Sue Grimshaw’s Moluccas Dijon Diamond  Sue Grimshaw’s Moluccas Juniper Jewel
  2nd foal born in Australia – 2 day old Thorne Parks Charmed I’m Sure, Owned and Bred by Eliza Moore

Stanley Grange Cocksure results:

Res Champion HOYS Cuddy Final – Pony Section

Supreme Champion Derbyshire Festival 2011 & Winner of Cuddy Qualifier

Sup Champion Cherif Championships 2010

Supreme Riding Pony Champion
NPS Area 4 2005

Champion Riding Pony
Stoksley 2005

Reserve Champion
PUK South 2005

Res Champion Cuddy Qualifier – Royal Welsh 2006

NPS Stallion Awards 2017 – 6th Overall

An exquisite stallion with extravagant movement and a superb temperament. Siring show champions both In-hand and Ridden.  Ideal to breed LR/FR and small ponies.

Registered PBW 26.36%
Registered PBA 18.44%

STUD FEE £500 (Includes £150 handling fee, payable on arrival at Stud.  Remaining £350 payable if and when mare is tested in foal)

AI – Chilled £585 (inc first collection & postage)

Worldwide on request